Saturday, May 3, 2014

Summary of Project #16

My final project was done with my group Paris. Jordan Pritchett, Pearl Johnson, and Caroline Parker; I really enjoyed working with these ladies this semester. We did our project in iBook and it was Disney theme. The project is a reflection of my group and how we have improved over the semester. The book's introduction included each group member summary of their life and pictures of family and friends. Then we all selected a blog post of our choice. I choose blog post 10 where Sir Ken Robinson speaks how education need a transformation. We also created a group text explaining technology, the question I answered was should teachers be technologically literate? My response: definitely teachers teaching in the 21st century have to incorporate technology into their lesson plans. My group really worked well together. Some of assignments were challenging, but with the help of my group members made it easier.

Blog Post #15 Final Reflection

Saturday, April 26, 2014

C4T April

C4T #1

On this week's C4T I had to comment on David Warlick's blog. He is from North Carolina not only is he an educator, but also a writer, programmer, public speaker, and entrepreneur.
My reply: Hey Mr. Warlick, my name is Monique a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your blog. I like how you distinguished the difference between personal and personalize learning. I did not think of education in that way. Great point.

C4T #2

On the final post, Mr. Warlick posted a blog called Half the Teachers.
My reply: Hi Mr. Warlick,
It's Monique again from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Your blog post was very informative, I enjoyed reading it. I had no idea that about 50 percent of United States teachers have never worked in a school culture free from high-stakes testing. Great information!

C4K April

C4K #9

This week's C4K was about a student named DJ he is 9 years old and attends P.T. England School in Auckland,New Zealand where Miss Ouano is his teacher. In his post he was explaining what a Fiafia was. Fiafia is when people dress in a variety of colorful outfits and tell stories through dance and song.
My reply: Hi DJ, my name is Monique I attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a great way of explaining unfamiliar words. I now know what FiaFia is.

C4K #10

This week's C4K was about a student named Russel, he is 8 years old and a year 4 student at P.T. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. He is in class 9 and his teacher is Miss Lavakula. He had a video were he and his class had a Fiafia performance.
My reply: My name is Monique and I attend the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your FiaFia performance. You guys are so adorable and did an awesome job. Nice blog post!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog Post #13

For this week's blog post we were assigned to create our own blog post in our area of specialty. In the future, I plan to become and English teacher. So I decided to ask and answer the following question: What teaching technologies are available for English Teachers? I found a website called Teaching English with Technology it is a resource created to help K-12 English and Language Arts teachers incorporate technology effectively into their courses. The site then search resources for English and Language Arts lesson plans, activities, projects, games,and quizzes that use technology. It is a very helpful website that helps future English teachers get started with teaching with technology.

I also came across a website called The Atlantic. The article on the page was entitled,Why an English Teacher Introduced her Class to the World. Ileana Jimenez was interviewed in a video. She is an English teacher in a New York city high school. Jimenez explains why she wants her students to write publicly on the internet. The video is primarily about why Ileana Jimenez thinks her students writings should be public. Which is pretty much what we do in EDM 310. Every post, comment, and project that is done will be seen by Dr. Strange, the lab assistants, and even the world.

This next video is called Teaching Teachers it is by Ron Waters he teaches teachers how to integrate technology in their classrooms. These tools are just some of the technology available to future educators, searching on google you will find several more.

Monday, April 7, 2014

C4K Summary March

In the week of March 23, I commented on room 5 in New Zealand. Room 5 did fairy tale voice threads. The students told what their fairy tale book was and why they liked it. It was so amazing to here why the kids liked the particular books.

In the week of March 30, I was to comment on student Wyatt from Pt. England School in Auckland,NZ. He posted a blog about a skydiving incident that went wrong on March 23. A family of 7 lost their lives after the plane they were on crashed. My response: Hey Wyatt, I see you are an intelligent young man and will be very successful someday. Your blog is very interesting and well put together. While I was reading your blog, it was as if I was reading an adult's. Great vocabulary. My prayers go out to that family involved in the skydiving incident. God bless.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4T #3 Summary

On 3/23 I was to comment on Teacher Tom's Blog. His name is Thomas Hobson and is a preschool teacher in Seattle. My comment: Hi Teacher Tom, my name is Monique and I attend the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I can see you are very passionate about teaching and that's wonderful. In elementary and preschool more male teachers are needed like yourself. There wasn't very many when I was younger. Some children will listen to a male before they will a female (my 3-year old from time to time). I also noticed that you are from Seattle I have two brothers that live outside of city. One of my brothers in particular has two sons a 1-year old and 2 month old. It would be great if they attend the school which you teach. Feel free to visit my blog anytime.

On 4/6 I was to comment on Teacher Tom once again. The post was called "Together We're A Genius." The blog was about how they are in the last two months of the school year and the kids were building things together in their community. My comment: Hi Teacher Tom it's Monique once again from the University of South Alabama. I love how you let your kids be creative and build things in their community. It gives them the freedom of creativity. I enjoyed your blog! The kids are just too cute!

Blog Post #11

What can we Learn about Teaching and Learning from these Teachers?

Project #10

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blog Post #10

What Can We Learn from Sir Ken Robinson?

In Sir Ken Robinson video Bring on the Learning Revolution, he mentions we need not evolution, but a revolution in education that has to be transformed into something else. That was a great point Robinson made. Education does need to be transformed from the regular pen and paper to the new modern day tablets, laptops, and high speed internet. Innovation in education is challenging what we take for granted. Sir Ken Robinson taught me to be passionate about your career whether it be a firefighter or educator. He says some people are obsessed with going to college, but college is not for everyone. Robinson meet a guy during his book signing that was a fireman, and when the guy went to CDL school, the teacher was so negative saying he should go to college to be a professional. That very teacher life was saved by that fireman when he was in a car accident. In my opinion, it is best not to make fun of someone's career choice, because you never know when that very person may be the of a help to you. Robinson also taught me that education should be transformed by personalizing to each different curriculum. Education is a new movement where people develop their personal solutions to this technology advanced world.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog Post #9

What can we learn from Mrs Cassidy?

In the video Little Kids... Big Potential, we were asked to watch for this post, was a teacher named Mrs. Cassidy from Moose Jaw, Canada. She teaches 1st graders and the students show what they do on a regular basics; they blog, use webpages, wikis, videos, Skype, etc. Mrs. Cassidy taught her students that their blog is also their online portfolio. Her approach to the use of technology started 10 years ago, and started with five computers that could not download programs onto them. She begin her technology journey by researching how to make webpages for her 1st grade students.

In my classroom as a future educator, I will definitely use the webpage as Mrs. Cassidy does with her students. I will then create a class blog for my class, because as Cassidy mentioned it is like an online portfolio. If the parents want to know what their child is up to in the classroom instead of a scheduled conference, that parent can check the class blog for their child's progress.

Some of the impediments that I may encounter is creating a particular project that may be difficult. But with the use technology I can reach out to fellow teachers via internet to receive feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project #9

Blog Post #8

Find some 21st Century Learning and Communicating Tools?

For this week's blog post we were asked to find some 21st Century learning tools. My future goal in education is English. I want to become a English/Language Arts teacher. In order to be a 21st Century teacher you must become a 21st Century learner first. So future educators like myself must learn it before we can teach it. Here is a video that tells you about it!

As I continued my search I came across Curriki it is a learning resource for people all over the world. It has PBL's, communication, and teamwork. This is a great site for educators to visit to find resources.

Another 21st century learning resource I came across is Mouse . Mouse empowers youth to learn, lead, and create with technology, preparing them with skills essential for their academic and career success. This program also trains students to become digital media and technology experts in schools, improving their use of technology to enhance learning, while also building confidence and developing skills for 21st century innovation.

In the future as an English teacher I plan to use these tools everyday in the classroom. I am more confident after my research of the 21st century. These resources will be very help!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Post 7

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?

In Randy's Pausch's Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams he starts his lecture by introducing the "elephant in the room" which is he has tumors in his liver and has only five months to live. His health is in good condition and he probably is healthier than the average person. He states he didn't want to talk about his cancer, so he decides to discuss achieving his childhood dreams. When he tells the audience about his cancer he did not seem sad and didn't want others to have sympathy for him. He said that he would live his last days being happy. What I learned from his lecture is to never give up and always achieve your goals and dreams. No matter what obstacles may come in your way do your best. When you set a goal for your life accomplish it. Live everyday like it's your last!

Project 13

Project Calendar

Project Overview

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blog Post 6

What are PLNs (Personal Learning Networks)?

In Steven Anderson's Video Building Your PLN- A Primer For Anyone, he refers to PLNs as PLCs (Personal Learning Communities). PLN is similar to PLC, but it takes the same concept and makes it global. People use PLNs in their everyday use and may not even realize it. PLNs are can be helpful when you have a question that you need an answer. Examples of PLNs are Twitter, Facebook, (for this EDM 310 class).

PLNs will help me as a teacher to connect with other teachers to get help on lessons plans and ask questions. My blog and Twitter for this class is part of my PLN. Technology is constantly changing and as Dr. Strange mentioned, I will have to be a lifelong learner. But it can help me develop the skills I need as a future teacher.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog Post 5

In watching the conversations with Anthony Capps, I learned 3rd graders in Baldwin County are using laptops and are learning to use technology where Mobile County is not. Capps is creating projects for his students so that they can excel in their futures and careers. He gets feedback from his students to see what they enjoy as 3rd graders for later projects. The use of technology that students are learning today, is totally different from when I were in elementary school. Everything is so advanced, so project based learning is a new experience to me, but my desire for teaching English someday, I am willing to embrace the change. The 3rd graders are doing the exact same things were are as college students, but for me it is more of a challenge since technology was not so modern back then.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog Post 4

In order for us to ask questions to be an effective teacher, is we have to ask questions that are more engaging. Open-ended questions are more engaging and the student will think more when they respond. Close-ended questions are more than likely to leave the student with just an "yes" or "no" answer. Some students may ask a teacher a question and the response was not what the student expected.We as future educators should learn to ask questions more effectively for open class discussions.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog Post 3

Peer editing is working with someone similar in age to help them improve, revise, and edit their writing. It is always the best decision to remain positive when doing so. Peer editing is not an easy task, because you do not want to hurt that person's feelings. In English 101 & 102, for each writing assignment there are peer reviews. It allows your peers to make compliments, suggestions, and corrections. in my own experiences, I felt that I would not edit someone's work correctly, when my own writings needed improvement. But peer editing in some ways is also constructive criticism.

Peer editing is important, because we should suggest words of encouragement to help someone else. It gives the reader the opportunity to find mistakes that you (the writer) may have missed. The editor can also suggest better word choice in the writing. So, in conclusion be mindful and stay positive.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blog Post 2

1. The central message of Mr. Dancealot video was showing the students what moves to do for the dance and the positions. They basically had to learn on their own. The author wants us to figure it out ourselves. No, I do not agree with his conclusion, because in order to teach someone a dance you have to physically show them. For example, when his male student stood up to see what moves the professor was doing he asked him to sit back down. How could he teach them from behind the counter.
2.Students can find information whatever, whenever, and wherever on the following:
-cell phones
3.She teaches him how to build the network and take advantage of learning opportunities. She offers guidance when he gets stuck she shows him how to communicate properly.
4. The thesis of Davis' video is to create an enhanced technology learning environment. I completely agree with Davis' plan to teach technology in the classrooms.
5. The flipping the classroom strategy is somewhat of a new experince but not so much. This world is constantly changing so we need to be ready to embrace it. Yes, this technique will be very useful for me as a teacher, because we as teachers would need to prepare students for their jobs in the future, jobs that we may not even know about.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Post # 1

In December 2013, when I received a detailed email from Dr. Strange, I instantly became overwhelmed and nervous. i then thought to myself, "Oh my God, what if I don't pass this class!" So, i then asked my daughter's father if he had taken the class before since he was a graduate student. His name is Lawrence Campbell and he replied, "Yeah I have taken the class before it's not that hard and Dr. Strange remembers me." I will admit I am still a bit nervous about this class, especially since I am a working mother and full time student. EDM 310 is nothing like I have ever taken before. EDM 310 for me will be a challenge, but is a requirement since I am a secondary education-English. I do not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So I have never written a blog. The most difficult thing for me will be learning how to post a blog correctly, because as I mentioned before this is new to me. The best way for me to deal with my difficulties is to try and attend some of the lab sessions. Other than the blogs posted in the blog post, how can I find the special blog post? I have already checked the class blog. Please help. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Practice Post

I am 26 years old and I have lived in Mobile, Al all life. I am the youngest of seven, my parents have adopted three more; twin girls that are 7 are a boy whom is 8. I have a 2 year old daughter named Laila. I attended LeFlore High School and graduated in 2006. My interest is education. I am attending South, because nearly four years ago I was enrolled at Bishop State Community College. Bishop State was so slow with the way they did things as far financial aid, classes, etc. So I became frustrated with it and my daughter's father suggest I enroll at South so here I am. I am majoring in secondary education in English. I wanted to enter education because my favorite subject in high school was English. I enjoy the basics of English, but the composition of is my struggle. My mom and daughter's father often refer to me as the "human dictionary," because I easy at spelling. My passion is spending time with my daughter and singing. My English 102 instructor, has told me that my writing is great. But, when I begin to write I have a hard time placing words on paper.


My Test Post

This is my first post.